Our sole objective is to come into organizations to upgrade them by using technology to bring efficiency.

We ensure Organizations become more efficient not only by managing their documents better but also creating efficiencies in their processes using our solutions.



When it comes to Document Management Solutions in Kenya - we are a one stop solution provider from Document Scanners, to Document Management as well as Document Capture Solutions

i27 is recognized as the leading DMS Solution Provider in Kenya.



With Customers in All Sectors, we are able to Easily Understand and Provide Solutions to Businesses of all Sizes.

Our expertise lies in understanding your problems and providing the best solutions

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Our Business is to make your life easier no matter what role you are in - we are not only able to help you manage your documents more easily but also help you work more efficiently and find what you need instantly



No matter the industry - i27 is able to provide solutions for the unique challenges in every industry, we don't only help you Manage Documents we also Improve Processes - Truly Upgrading Your Business



Whatever your business case be it Automation of HR Leave Applications, LPO Approvals, Import Document Management, Contact Management - whatever it may be - be rest assured we are able to provide a solution


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Our products

M-Files Document Management System is recognized as a visionary product by the Gartner Report. M-Files goes beyond a Traditional Document Management System by being able to also manage information, build processes, integrate with other business systems giving a very powerful solution to different business challenges.

i27 has expert capabilities in implementing M-Files across all industries. We are able to solve business challenges that ERP's or other traditional business systems are not able to.

Learn more about M-Files as well as our Out of Box Solutions presented as I-Zuri

Kofax - The Best When it Comes to Capturing Documents. Ensuring Document are Scanned, Classified and Get to the right place is extremely important.

With Kofax - you can ensure that you have a best of breed product for capturing and processing Documents.

Kofax further has powerful business automation tools which can help automate the most complex processes so that you have touchless processes based on different business rules.

I-Zuri is an i27 Brand for Ready to Go Packaged Solutions that work out of the box. These solutions have been built using our experience at organizations of all sizes and industries allowing businesses to benefit straight away.

We have solutions that range from Human Resources, Import Management, Correspondences to name a few.

To ensure we deliver the maximum impact for our customers - we build software that works around the solutions that we sell. To ensure we truly upgrade businesses.

We have built a wide variety of different tools to help make businesses more efficient.

i27 is an Authorised Fujitsu Document Scanner Supplier in Kenya. We Sell Fujitsu Scanners and are able to fully support them in terms of servicing, repairs and stock consumables for the scanners that we sell.

We truly believe that Fujitsu Scanners are best of breed and are able to provide the best image quality as well as serve a variety of needs when it comes to document scanning.

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  • Mitigate risk