I27 has large volume production scanners to allow us to scan large volumes of documents.

Utilizing fast, bulk document scanners as well as the best scanning software we are able to deliver excellent image quality, compressed file sizes as well as deliver your scanned documents in a short time.

I27 has scanned documents for a wide range of clientele in Kenya including banks and we are very comfortable in dealing with confidential documents


Better Space Utilization

Instead of using costly office space for filing cabinets – scan your documents and get rid of the filing cabinets for better office space utilization.

Instant Document Access

By being able to find the document you require with a quick search, you can increase efficiency levels through the roof.

Digital Backup

Should any files go physically missing, having scanned your documents provides you peace of mind knowing very well you have a digital copy.

Streamline Access

With manual files, anyone can access files and documents with no event log or the ability to compromise access. Once Documents are scanned, we are able to control who can see and also log who has seen a document. Furthermore, we are able to track document changes.

Ease of Audit

Deal with Audits with ease, there is no need to go through lots and lots of filing cabinets. Easily access your documents with a click of a button.

We are the preferred Bulk Document Scanning Solutions provider in Kenya, and have clients spanning a number of industries, from banking to manufacturing and many more.

Book a demo with us & we’ll be happy to take you how our solutions can benefit your business.