Enterprise Information Management Benefits: An Overview

Picture the years passed… Picture that enormous filing cabinet in almost every corner of every office. Then came a shift and we began storing our data on physical floppy disks, diskettes, CDs, USBs, hard drives and lots of other storage devices. These devices were a huge step in the right direction. Unfortunately, they were limited in memory, some were not portable, and were prone to damage/destruction.

However, those days are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Many companies in Kenya and the world over are leveraging Enterprise Information Management software. This has translated into numerous benefits

Improved Productivity

This is by far the most beneficial reason for switching to an enterprise information management system: A dramatic increase in productivity.

For instance, when an employee needs to access a document, enterprise information management system lets them do this automatically and at any time. Searching from a the M-Files mobile phone app or a computer makes finding the document in question easy, and allows the employee to edit, share, collaborate or download the document in question.

Contrast this to a physical document that is stored in a location that is not immediately accessible. If lucky, the employee will need to find someone to sort through other documents to get them the document they need, and then email them.

This wait is not favourable if the document is needed urgently, and could be costly to your business.

Risk Reduction

Storing business critical documents in a single location increases your organization’s risk of losing everything through a number of factors such as natural disasters, fires, accidental deletion or misplacement.

For your business to thrive, document management needs to be the number 1 priority. The redundancy offered by an enterprise document management system means that the document is stored in different locations (remote servers) at the same time.

This exponentially reduces the risk posed by losing your company’s most valuable information, and improves your efficiency because the documents you need are where you need them, whenever you need them.

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