Fujitsu Desktop to Production Level Document Scanners for Kenyan Companies

i27 are able to supply a range of various scanners from desktop level to productions level for companies in Kenya and the rest of East Africa. Our personnel are fully trained to also provide after sales support on all scanners supplied by us.

Kindly find a list of the various scanners below:

Paper SizeFlatbedFeeder CapacityInterfaceImprinterDatasheet
Scansnap IX50025/50A450USB 3.0View
Fujitsu fi-703027/54A450USB 3.0View
Fujitsu fi-716060/120A480USB 3.0OptionView
Fujitsu fi-718080/160A480USB 3.0OptionView
Fujitsu fi-726060/120A4Yes80USB 2.0,UW SCSIOptionView
Fujitsu fi-728080/160A4Yes80USB 3.0OptionView
Fujitsu fi-746060/120A3100USB 3.0View
Fujitsu fi-748080/160A3100USB 3.0View
Fujitsu fi-7600100/200A3300USB 3.1View
Fujitsu fi-6400100/200A3500USB 2.0View
Fujitsu fi-7700100/200A3Yes300USB 3.1View
Fujitsu fi-5950135/270A3500USB 2.0,UW SCSIOptionView
Fujitsu fi-6800130/260A3500USB 2.0,UW SCSIView

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